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The panorama LUHTER 1517 is operated by the company Luther 1517 gGmbH. The panorama was opened in October 2016. Since then more than 700.000 people allredy visited this impressive masterpiece of art. The exhebition will be opened till Ocotober 2024.

The panorama employs about 6 people, either full or part time.


Managing Director

Ulrich Schneider

Telefon: +49 3491 45949-10Telefon: +49 3491 45949-10
Managing Director

Camilo Seifert

Telefon: +49 3491 45949-10Telefon: +49 3491 45949-10


We are looking forward to welcome you at the Panorama LUTHER 1517 in Wittenberg. You can buy your ticket always on-site. Here you can purchase your ticket in advance.
All individual tickets come along with an acoustic guide.

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